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The No Free Lunch podcast was created for college-aged students looking to take control of their lives mentally, physically, and financially.

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No Free Lunch Podcast

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"Brooke is the first Coach I have had that has checked in with me on a regular basis. I LOVE that she genuinely cares about her clients. I am so happy we found each other and can’t wait to see what is next!“


"It has been great working with Brooke because she is very supportive and is always willing to help and answer questions. If it had not been for her, I wouldn’t have committed & wouldn’t feel nearly as confident in myself as I do now."

"Brooke’s comradery is a powerful motivator. Her frequent check-ins and interest in my aspirations makes her more personable. Brooke’s easy-to-talk-with attitude allows for efficient goal setting and growth."



“Brooke is an amazing person, very caring and is always there to help me when ever I have questions or even just personal problems. She is great and will continue to keep working with her.”

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