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I'm Brooke B Sheehy and founder of the No Free Lunch podcast. I'm a girl born and raised in the Mini-Apple who found a passion for entrepreneurship my freshman year of high school in my economics class where I received first place for her start-up business plan. 

After a week-long mission trip to Orlando, Florida, during spring break my freshman year of college, I was forced to leave campus mid-semester due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Upon my return from the south, I was immediately furloughed from my job at LifeTime Fitness. In a time when my world was falling apart, I had a lot of spare time to pour into myself and reflect upon my goals and whether or not I was putting in the work to reach them.

As an entrepreneurial management student, I decided to  put my knowledge and personal experience into practice to create a brand intended to empower college students by showing them they don't need to wait for the perfect time, a lot of money, or graduation to become their own boss and make a living online. 

Besides network marketing, I love binge watching The Office, keeping up with the NHL season (hello State of Hockey!), playing my vinyl collection on my vintage turntable, and drinking a Starbucks blonde roast for a much-needed wake-up call. If you called me right now, you could find me cafe-hopping around campus in my yoga pants and messy bun, working until the baristas kick me out.

Fast facts


My favorite cafe in the Twin Cities is Cafe Astoria in Saint Paul.

Fast facts


I love to travel and highly recommend Toronto for your next trip (super underrated!).

Fast facts


Fall is my favorite season because of all things pumpkin (bread, lattes, seeds) are back in season.

Fast facts


I have a very diverse taste in music, but my favorite artist at the moment is hands-down Ed Sheeran. I have all of his albums on vinyl.

Fast facts


I love musicals and movies like Wicked and Maleficent that show the backstory to the villains I grew up with.

The No Free Lunch podcast was created for college-aged students looking to take control of their lives mentally, physically, and financially.

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